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Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Beyond Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is a healing modality that uses Past Life Regression in conjunction with the Healing Power of your Subconsious or Higher Self. During a session much can be gained in understanding and insights from your other lifetimes. Healing can take place on the cellular and energetic level. Clients take away from their session profound insights to their current life, answering questions they have not been able to answer on their own. Sessions can take up to 5 hrs. They can be split into 2 shorter sessions. 

Beyond Quantum Healing allows me to incorporate all my Healing abilities into the Hypnosis session. Rate is  $295 per session.

Soul Retrieval

Soul loss occurs with traumatic events, surgeries, injuries, and loss. As a Shamanic Practitioner I can help 'retrieve' these lost pieces and integrate them back into your energy system.  When you receive your Soul Essences back you will feel more whole and can operate from a position of wholeness. This allows you to go through life feeling more complete. Rate is $75/hr


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing that generally involves 'laying on of hands'. It is gentle and powerful. Clients generally describe it as very relaxing. Healing can happen on an emotional, mental, physical, and energetic level. Reiki works to clear stagnant energies and fill the person with higher vibrational energies.  Rate is $75/hr



  • What a beautiful Quantum Healing I experienced with Margie.  Having never done this before, I wasn't sure what to expect.  One thing I knew, was that I felt safe and nurtured in her presence and studio.  So many things were brought to the surface that have been so instrumental in my continued progress and healing as a woman.  One of the most powerful was a reconnection with a past experience that shined a light on what a simple mindshift does in bringing you joy, despite the circumstances.  When someone Tells you that you would be fine if you could just shift your thinking, it just seems ineffective.  Experiencing that mindshift and remembering all those feelings and what a difference it makes - That is what makes it real, and so much easier to accomplish.  That was just one treasure I got in my time with Margie.  If you need insight, tools to accomplish what your heart and mind and soul long for, I passionately believe Margie would be an excellent partner to help you on your way.  -Beth



  • My session with Margie was amazing, revealing and healing. I received profound revelations about hidden issues I didn't even know were there! Margie is compassionate and very skilled. I highly recommend her! Colleen Benelli 


  • Margie is compassionate and so beautifully skilled as a healer. My experience was insightful and so relaxing. She brings love, trust and integrity to all she does. -Linda Wilson


Jan Engels-Smith of LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism interviews me about QHHT.

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