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New Earth Affirmation Cards

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The cards are designed to provide you with daily inspiration. Find a place that you will see it throughout your day. It's a visual reminder for you to align with the FEELING of the affirmation. By aligning with this feeling multiple times a day (500 times!), you will more easily be able to find that feeling when you need it. You'll already know what it feels like to be the vibration of that affirmation. By repeating your affirmation as a Mantra you can create changes in your psyche and your belief system. 

Some people might make an alter with other items that bring you joy. You can spend time meditating on your Mantra as a daily practice. 

Another idea is to take a picture of the card and use it as the wallpaper or lock screen on your phone.

One person I know has hers on the dashboard of her car. 

I'm looking forward to hearing about how others are using their cards. Send me your testimonial and/or photos!


New Earth Affirmation Deck


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54 Cards. Deck is approximately 3.75"x5.25"

Shipping included

Two New Earth Affirmation Decks


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Two New Earth Affirmation Decks. Shipping included.


Listen to a Podcast I did with Jan Engels-Smith from LightSong School of Shamanic Studies about Mantras and my Cards!

2121New20Earth20Affirmations20with20Music (mp3)